Sage Certified SalesLogix Training Class Schedule

We are the only Certified SalesLogix Business Partner with SalesLogix Certified Trainers in Colorado

Working with a Business Partner who is Sage Certified to provide training in SalesLogix means that your company receives the best training available and higher ROI, not only in training (which is all important), but also throughout your SalesLogix project. Our staff is experienced from identifying your needs, to customizing your SalesLogix Solution, to Installing SalesLogix, Integrating SalesLogix with your back office applications, SalesLogix Best Practices and beyond. Below is a calendar of our SalesLogix Classes:


Click here to register for the Certified SalesLogix Power User Class
Click here to register for the Certified SalesLogix Administrators Class
Or call us to register or to obtain additional information at (303) 290-1793

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Research shows that the two key factors in achieving a positive return on training investment are 1) the focus on and 2) the quality of training provided. Rocky Mountain CRM is both a Sage Certified SalesLogix Training Center and a Certified Business Partner of Sage SalesLogix. Rocky Mountain CRM provides Certified SalesLogix Training (both Certified SalesLogix End User and Certified SalesLogix Administrator training) from our training center in Colorado.

We provide Certified SalesLogix Administrator Training, and Certified SalesLogix End User training because the ROI a business achieves on CRM is dependent upon receiving the best training, we understand this, so Rocky Mountain CRM maintains Sage SalesLogix Certified Trainers on staff in Denver Colorado.

The benefits of SalesLogix Certification (obtained from attending one of our Certified SalesLogix Training classes in Colorado and passing the exam) are many and include:

  • better company image and relationships
  • better ROI on your CRM implementation
  • high staff morale and commitment
  • better customer relationships and experience
  • better problem solving capacity of staff
  • a more innovative environment
  • greater responsiveness to market changes and demands
  • and of course, the Certification obtained from Sage by attending and passing the Certified SalesLogix exam

Certified SalesLogix Administrator Training Agenda

During Day 1: You will review the SalesLogix environment and the required components for successful implementation of the SalesLogix Client. You will also review the SalesLogix Administrator workspace and explore users, teams, and security. • Welcome
• Lesson 1: The SalesLogix Environment
• Lesson 2: The SalesLogix Administrator
• Lesson 3: Users and Security
• Lesson 4: Teams and Security
During Day 2 You will configure common default settings in preparation for installing the SalesLogix Client. After installation, you will log on to the SalesLogix Client and review the Client components including accounts, contacts, opportunities, tickets, and campaigns. You will also configure SpeedSearch and create a new index. • Lesson 5: The SalesLogix Client
• Lesson 6: SalesLogix Client Components
• Lesson 7: SalesLogix Integration with Outlook
• Lesson 8: Speedsearch
During Day 3 You will configure the Synchronization Server and learn how synchronization works with the Remote Client. You will also learn about maintaining users and data in the SalesLogix database such as retiring users, installing service packs, and more. • Lesson 9: SalesLogix Synchronization
• Lesson 10: The Remote Client
• Lesson 11: User and Data Maintenance
During Day 4 You will create a contact and sales process, and log on to the Client to see how these processes work after you release them to users. Finally, you will log on to the Architect and create some customizations for the SalesLogix Client. • Lesson 12: Contact Processes
• Lesson 13: Sales Processes
• Lesson 14: Menus and Toolbars
• Lesson 15: How to access the Online Certification Exam

Registration Deadlines & Cancellation Policy:

Registrations will be accepted beyond the deadlines listed, based upon availability, and subject to our first-paid, first-priority policy. If minimum attendance requirements, as determined by Rocky Mountain CRM, are not met on the deadline, classes will be canceled. If you are registered for a class that is canceled, you will be notified on the deadline date. Students are advised NOT to purchase non-refundable or non-changeable airline tickets as Rocky Mountain CRM will not be responsible for payment due to class cancellation/rescheduling. Your registration is not confirmed until your tuition is received and confirmed to you by Rocky Mountain CRM. On or before the registration deadline date - students may cancel and receive a full refund or apply their tuition towards a future class. After the registration deadline date - students may ONLY apply tuition toward a future class and will incur a $50 rescheduling fee, per class. However, another student for the same class may be substituted at no charge.