It's your world

Take command of it with CRM

The importance of your company cannot be overstated. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) will put you into the driver's seat and provide the management reports you need to make rapid, informed decisions to help your company grow and succeed. CRM provides the sales tools that your sales team needs to operate efficiently and effectively, CRM enables your team to make the most of their selling hours by providing the information they need at their fingertips. Whether you decide to implement an in-house CRM program, implement CRM as a Hosted CRM Service, provide CRM on your sales persons blackberries or need to implement CRM for a nationwide organization Rocky Mountain CRM has the tools and the experience to help you succeed in your project. It's your world, and with CRM you'll be in control of it.

See how SalesLogix CRM helps your company

Benefits of CRM

Giving Sales Somthing to Smile About

Rocky Mountain CRM - Home to the "Sales Time Maker"

Sales drives a company, and using sales time efficiently often means the difference between surviving and thriving as a company.

Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Consultants are well-versed in sales efficiency and sales technology software.

We are a Sage SalesLogix Certified business partner and maintain Sage Certified SalesLogix Trainers on staff. Who will help you maximize your sales efficiency and improve the value of the CRM application within your company. We provide the CRM tools and CRM Systems that enable you to drive sales and win customer loyalty.

SalesLogix CRM Solutions

Rocky Mountain CRM is a certified, experienced business partner of Sage SalesLogix CRM and partners with proven sales technology providers that provide value to our target market. Having done the research on the products to solve CRM and Sales related issues for you we've partnered with Sage SalesLogix CRM as our premier CRM provider. With SalesLogix 7.5 CRM, we can save you time and money by implementing a robust, powerful CRM solution to fit your business needs.

Certified SalesLogix CRM Training

Our certified trainers offer both customized and group classes to get your users up to speed as quickly as possible with your new SalesLogix 7.5 CRM system.  We offer Certified SalesLogix End-User training, Certified SalesLogix Administrative training, SalesLogix developer training and support, and also offer SalesLogix train-the-trainer programs, on-site executive training and custom technical documentation. Your team will be well prepared to support your new SalesLogix CRM system when you go live and we'll be there standing behind it.

SalesLogix CRM Services

Our team of consultants have impressive industry experience focused on returning results. They will work closely with you to:

  • analyze business processes,
  • design customizations,
  • perform data migration and integration with legacy applications, and
  • develop reports that will change the way you think about your business

Rocky Mountain CRM is a full-service provider, and a certified and experienced SalesLogix CRM Consulting Firm. Additional we provide training and on-going system support. Our clients use our online customer service portal to research information and to submit tickets as necessary or  call their assigned Account Manager. Our experience and the level of service we provide to our customers is a primary differentiating factor over other CRM VARs.  

SalesLogix CRM Integration

Sharing information through integration across an enterprise can encourage collaboration and business intelligence. Rocky Mountain CRM's SalesLogix developers will integrate your SalesLogix CRM solution with existing systems and data feeds allowing you to leverage information across the company and provide insight that may have been too cumbersome to ever obtain before.

We provide integrations to SalesLogix using either proprietary Customizations to SalesLogix or through a third-party enterprise application integration called Scribe.

Either way, your finished integration product will work the way that you want it to, consistently robust and accurate.

Our Commitment

We stand beside and partner with our customers on all of our projects. Our level of dedication and commitment to your success is analogous to your own - after all, as a Customer Relationship Management company our success and reputation depends on each and every client being completely satisfied. We succeed when you succeed.

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