Doing More with Less

How to do More with Less with CRM

Your CRM program will provide the information that your users need to effectively and efficiently communicate with your prospects and clients. It will feed information bi-directionally between your Marketing and your Sales department and saves significant time on the preparation and consolidation of Opportunity Pipeline reports. Your Sales team will use the system because it will help them do their job more efficiently and is a significant tool to help them increase their variable compensation pay.

Automating Processes with CRM

Contact Processes

Contact Processes are configurable macros that can be linked together and assigned to an individual contact, a group of contacts or all contacts in the system. They provide an automated way to keep in touch with prospects and customers in the system and can branch to other processes or other paths within the process based on user input or a value stored in the database.

CRM Contact Process View

Contact Processes can save your Sales team time and ensure followup contact processes can:
  • Schedule pre-configured Meetings, Phone Calls, To-Do's or add a Note to the Contact record
  • Send output by printing a document, sending an e-mail, fax or scheduling a literature request
  • Support 4 different configurable decision types to determine the next step to take within the process
  • Update fields in the DB based on those decisions, open up a Data View, fire off a sub-process, run a report or execute a script

Each macro can be scheduled to execute immediately or with a delay of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks or months OR wait for a qualifying event to occur. Take a look at some real life examples of using a contact process:

  • Perform repetitive tasks. For example, a process could schedule a phone call one week from the current date. Any time you want to call back a contact in a week, you can schedule this process to automatically place a phone call on your calendar. Scheduling this process is easier than manually scheduling the phone call.

  • Implement a sales process. For example, a process could guide you through qualifying a lead. When you receive a new lead, you would schedule a process that immediately sends a literature pack, and then schedules a follow up phone call in a week. After you complete the phone call, the process prompts you to determine the lead’s interest level. This allows you to decide whether to schedule another phone call, schedule a meeting, send a letter, or change the status of the contact.

  • Provide an automated way to follow up with customers. If you are focused on potential sales, you may not have time to regularly call customers who have purchased from you in the past. To resolve this, you can schedule a process to maintain contact. You might create one that sends a letter every 30 days urging the customers to keep you in mind when they make their next purchase and announcing new products and upcoming sales. When you add an opportunity for the customer, an ESP task can automatically stop the letter series.

CRM Sales Processes

Sales Processes are similar to Contact Processes but are assigned at the Opportunity level and aren't scanned but triggered (or not) by clicking on a hyper-link associated to the Sales Process Step within a Sales Process stage. Once triggered they can perform similar pre-configured tasks as a Contact Process might perform such as scheduling a follow up phone call or completing a note, changing a value in the database, opening up a dialogue box or running a script. As an Opportunity moves through the sales process Stages and Steps the current status of the opportunity is displayed in the list view of all Opportunities as well as in the SalesLogix dashboard making it easy to see at a glance in which stage an Opportunity exists.

CRM Sales Processes

Contact Process and Sales Processes are only a couple of ways that CRM helps automate repetitive or eliminate data input tasks for your sales team (saving them time and you money). For additional CRM time-saving techniques contact us for a demo of automatically generating proposals using CRM or using templates with your CRM system, or for a list of the many other ways that CRM will save your people time and let them have more productive time to do those things that may not be able to be automated.

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