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Free Trial of Sage SalesLogix

As a Sage SalesLogix Certified Training company and SalesLogix certified business partner we can provide free trials of SalesLogix 7.5 for qualified companies in either Colorado or Arizona. If you are outside of either AZ or CO then contact us as we support clients with SalesLogix across the nation and can most likely set you up with a Free Trial of SalesLogix 7.5 remotely.

In order to qualify for a free trial of SalesLogix 7.5 in either Denver or Arizona, simply call us and we'll have one of our consultants provide you with the minimum hardware and software requirements, talk about the data that you're planning on populating in the database (or see if you'd rather use an eval copy of the SalesLogix 7.5 database) and set up a site visit to install SalesLogix 7.5 in your environment.

For Companies outside of Denver Colorado (or outside of Colorado and Arizona in general), call us for a the minimum hardware / software requirements for SalesLogix and we'll work with you remotely to get you set up with a demo of SalesLogix 7.5.

For Companies in Colorado or Arizona or outside of Colorado and Arizona who would like a to try SalesLogix without installing it on their own servers contact us about setting up a trial of SalesLogix 7.5 for free hosted on our servers here at Rocky Mountain CRM.

Please Contact us for a Free Trial of SalesLogix 7.5 in Colorado at:

Rocky Mountain CRM
(303) 290-1793

For a Free Trial of SalesLogix 7.5 in Arizona at:

Rocky Mountain CRM
(866) 298-9341

Or simply e-mail us at:

Rocky Mountain CRM is both a Certified SalesLogix 7.5 CRM Business Partner and a Sage Certified SalesLogix 7.5 Training Company