What are the benefits of CRM?

CRM can benefit your entire organization

The fact of the matter is is that Customer Service is everyone's responsibility and access to customer data is an important aspect of being able to provide superior customer service.

CRM for Sales Management
Sales Managers love SalesLogix CRM
  • Provides visibility into the status of the Opportunities in the pipeline, as well as the the activities of their sales team
  • Makes the entire team more productive
  • The sales software has allowed him to improve the communication throughout the organization
  • Customer Service has improved dramatically
  • Outlook Integration has allowed the ability for his team to store e-mails in the sales system with the push of a button auto-documenting conversations
  • CRM Provides the ability to shift from operating tactically to strategically
  • Able to get new sales reps up to speed on their territories quickly
  • Can easily identify problem accounts and at risk opportunities
  • Allows him to identify and share the best sales processes with other members of the team
SalesLogix for Sales
Sales Reps earn more commissions with CRM

  • Provides ability to seriously track Opportunities
  • Gives a complete view of Companys and Contacts
  • Provides 24x7 access to important information and alerts
  • The Sales Automation Tools helps improve efficiency and close more business
  • Rich Outlook Integration features eases data tracking
  • MailMerge and Speedsearch functionality has really increased productivity
  • Contact Processes provide each sales rep with a personal mini-assistant
  • Provides visibility into Marketing Campaigns operating in their territory
  • His pipeline reports are finally created automatically for him
  • Rapid creation of Quotes and Proposals has increased his send-rate
  • Reduced ramp-up time when taking over a new territory
  • Customer data is secured on the company servers and backed up, not on a sales person's notepad any longer facilitating communication

SalesLogix CRM for Customer Service
Customer Service can solve client issues faster

  • Online Customer Web Portal
  • Customer Self-Service KnowlegeBase
  • Internal KnowledgeBase to look up resolutions of customer issues
  • Complete and Robust Ticketing System
  • Defect and Bug Tracking
  • Returned Merchandise Authorizations (RMAs)
  • Automatic Ticket Escallation Processes
  • Manages Customer Service Contracts
  • Integrated with Microsoft Outlook
  • Shares Ticket and RMA Information with Sales

CRM for Business Owners
The Owners will appreciate the ROI and productivity enhancements

  • Fast Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Increased productivity throughout the organization
  • Option to purchase outright or through a leased arrangement makes the product easy to get into
  • Had the decision to run the sales software as either an on-premise CRM solution or as a Web Hosted CRM application or both
CRM for Finance
The CFO will like the easy way it fits in to the budget

  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Availability to finance the software
  • Increased revenue for the company
  • Has noticed a marked improvement in the ROI of Marketing Campaigns
  • Reduced back-office expenses
  • Solved the issue of integrating multiple systems cheaply
  • Able to own the software instead of renting it
  • The business intelligence software purchased with the Customer Relationship Management software has helped her make the right decisions quicker
CRM IT Considerations
The IT Department will like the fact that it makes their life easy

  • The software uses industry standard tools such as SQL Server and Crystal Reports
  • The software is easy to get installed and quick to return an ROI
  • Integrates easily with some of the company's other legacy systems
  • Provides various deployment options which covers business needs
  • The Ticketing Features of the product, as well as the Knowledgebase and the Customer Service Portal makes life easier
  • The fact that the system is supported by over 300 business partners nationwide makes support easy to find.

CRM for Marketing Managers
Marketing will be able to get better ROI information

  • Provides Marketing the capability to track Campaigns, Budgets, Stages and Steps of the Campaign
  • The E-Marketing functionality provides a big-win to "her customers" (the Sales team and Management) and gives her the capability to move rapidly and handle special campaigns
  • The ability to easily segment the prospect database is something she's been needing for a long time
  • You're not going to see much of her around any more - she's got some making up for lost time to get done with the new system

CRM Business Intelligence (BI)
CRM Business Intelligence aspects
  • Your new Sales Software Application comes out of the box with some very nice sales dashboards and reports
  • It's easy to drill into the data that you're most interested in such as your top 10 Opportunities, your Sales Reps with the highest odds of closing some business this week/month etc.
  • It's easy to add new reports and release them to the users
  • Visual Analyzer can drill into and slice and dice any of the data in the database and put together some very nice looking graphs that can be cut and pasted into most presentation software