What is CRM

The Definition of CRM (or Customer Relationship Management)

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a term used to describe concepts used by companies to manage customer and prospect interactions to include the storage of information on those customers, and sales force automation tools to improve effective selling time. CRM applications facilitate the storage, retrieval and manipulation (marketing, opportunity management, calendaring, etc) of data with regards to those customers and prospects. CRM applications can be client-server based or web-based or even a combination of both. Examples of CRM applications include Sage SalesLogix CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, Goldmine, SAP, and Maximizer just to name a few.

Why implement CRM for your SalesForce?

Your Sales Force needs CRM to

1- Improve efficient and effective selling time. We will show them how it will help them make more money.

2- Retain customers and maintain customer satisfaction, especially with employee turnover.

3- Stop opportunities from "sliping through the cracks."

4- Quickly and accurately predict sales revenues.

5- Reduce expenses without reducing productivity.

The most frequent anxiety we've found in our client's business models is that of "Sales Time Creep"-  (jobs sneaking in on the Sales Person's primary responsibilities) salespeople spending too much time writing e-mails, looking for notes, maintaining spread sheets, which takes time away from generating and following-up on opportunities! At times company's salespeople are spending up to 80% of their day preparing for sales calls and follow-up. This means that they are only selling during 20% of their time, a small amount by anyone's measure and an opportunity for improvement in your bottom line.

Let us help you.

Rocky Mountain CRM is dedicated to assisting you in eliminating these and other concerns that you may have. By implementing Sage SalesLogix, you'll be on your way to streamlined customer and sales processes, full contact and account management, and complete marketing support. We'll make it work for you and the way that you do business. Make the call today that could change your business forever and put more money in your pocket!