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Customer Relationship Management CRM Solutions and Contact Management Software

ACT Software, is normally thought of as a small business CRM tool has actually been deployed for much larger companies as a good robust Contact Management application. Act Software is a good choice for small businesses needing CRM or Contact Management software. Sage Software is the maker of both Act Software and SalesLogix and both provide CRM Integration with Outlook. Sage also provides “Sage CRM” (another CRM Software Solution targeted at small to medium sized businesses which can be deployed as a Web Based CRM Software tool or (SAAS CRM) type model. Both SalesLogix CRM and Sage CRM can be purchased and ran inhouse or be provided as CRM Software on the Web through a hosted model. Unlike traditional SAAS models Sage Software does not run their CRM Tools in a multi-tenant enviornment providing the benefit to update or customize your CRM software as you see fit and upgrade to the next version when it makes business sense to do so for your sales force.

Sage Software’s premier Business CRM Software product is the SalesLogix CRM product. SalesLogix CRM that can be deployed as a Web Based CRM Software Solution or as an in-house CRM Software Solution and answer’s businesses needs for a robust business CRM Software Solution. Targeted at groups needing 15 or more users, Sage SalesLogix is really the best CRM solution on the market for the space that Sage targets with their products. Rocky Mountain CRM provides; CRM Sales, CRM Service, CRM Integration and customization services but most importantly provides businesses with CRM Solutions.

Oftentimes companies may begin by using Act Software and many company's sales forces are familiar with the Act software product. Once they outgrow Act, Sage Software provides the migration path up to either Sage CRM or SalesLogix CRM. Rocky Mountain CRM, Headquartered in Denver Colorado has a fixed-fee migration path for companies moving from Act software into SalesLogix CRM. We can migrate your data, install your software as a web-based hosted CRM deployment / online Web based non-hosted CRM solution or as a traditional LAN based client server CRM solution.

CRM and Outlook Integration

SalesLogix CRM is integrated to Outlook out of the box – both Calendaring and Contacts are integrated as well as recording e-mails into SalesLogix and sending e-mails from SalesLogix. Outlook integration with CRM couldn't be easier.

ERP Integration

Sage Software provides excellent ERP integration with CRM as they are makers of many accounting ERP applications as well as some of the best CRM Software applications for small to medium-sized businesses on the market today.

For clients using either Sage MAS90, or Sage MAS200, Sage’s tightest integration is with the Sage CRM software product (their small to medium CRM Software Product offering).

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For clients running ERP Accounting Systems such as Sage MAS500 Sage has integrated it most tightly with Sage SalesLogix CRM.