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SalesLogix Marketing Features

SalesLogix Marketing helps you instantly identify your most profitable prospects and launch targeted marketing campaigns designed to shorten the sales cycle. Tying together Sales and Marketing has profound benefits to companies employing CRM applications. Comprehensive, timely data regarding your customer interactions is captured enabling you to build strong and collaborative relationships with your customers. Critical intelligence on the effectiveness of each campaign is available instantly allowing you to respond proactively to changing market conditions. SalesLogix Marketing—the complete solution for managing, tracking, and measuring targeted marketing campaigns.

Below is a just a sampling of some of the key SalesLogix Marketing features. For an extended features tour of the SalesLogix Sales, Marketing and Customer Service systems. Speak with with one of our certified SalesLogix Consultants in Denver Colorado at (303) 290-1793 or in Phoenix Arizona at (866) 298-9341.

Segmentation & Groups with SalesLogix CRM

• SalesLogix CRM allows you to Deliver targeted marketing messages or sales offers to select customer segments
• SalesLogix CRM allows you to Enable sales reps to quickly create groups for personalized sales campaigns
• SalesLogix CRM allows you to Segment customer and prospect lists using user-friendly filtering tools

SalesLogix Lead Management

• Import leads from web forms, tradeshows, seminars, or purchased lists into SalesLogix
• Create leads from cold calls or referrals
• SalesLogix Tracks leads at every stage, from lead through closed sale

SalesLogix Web Lead Capture

• Capture prospect information via a company website and import lead data directly into SalesLogix
• Launch marketing processes to schedule letters, calls or literature requests from within SalesLogix
• Gather valuable demographic data for use in segmentation in SalesLogix

Lead Qualification with SalesLogix

• SalesLogix allows you to Create qualification checklists using criteria you define
• Click to convert qualified leads to new sales opportunities within SalesLogix
• SalesLogix allows you to Merge duplicate leads with existing contacts and accounts

SalesLogix Workflow Automation

• Streamline marketing and sales campaigns by automating standard tasks within SalesLogix
• Automatically archive letters, e-mails, faxes or proposals within customer account records in SalesLogix

E-mail Marketing with SalesLogix CRM

• Execute e-mail campaigns with an integrated marketing service provider in SalesLogix
• Upload target lists directly into EmPulse or SwiftPage from SalesLogix
• Transfer EmPulse/SwiftPage response data automatically into SalesLogix
• View response data real-time to analyze the impact of campaigns in progress from within SalesLogix
• SalesLogix allows you to Assess campaign metrics such as response ratio and associated sales revenue

Campaign Task Management with SalesLogix CRM

• SalesLogix provides the ability to Coordinate and track the stages and tasks critical to executing effective campaigns
• Schedule task owners, assign dates, due dates and budget for each task Budget in SalesLogix &

Revenue Tracking with SalesLogix CRM

• Gain critical visibility into campaign budgets and direct revenue impact using SalesLogix
• View revenue real-time as opportunities linked to campaigns as they are updated with SalesLogix CRM
• Track forecasted vs. actual budgets, including metrics such as cost per lead from within SalesLogix

SalesLogix CRM Campaign Reporting (ROI)

• SalesLogix provides the ability to Analyze the effectiveness of marketing efforts (ROI) and increase efficiency
• Examine campaign data responses, associated revenue and product detail
• Evaluate potential vs. actual returns for each lead source, region or media type

SalesLogix CRM Marketing Resource Library

• Maintain a central repository for marketing information, materials and tools
• Attach and send files from the Library in e-mails to customers and prospects Windows & Web

Web Access through SalesLogix CRM

• Capture or update campaign related information via the Internet with SalesLogix
• Activate the ‘Do Not Solicit’ feature to exclude accounts from future campaigns included with SalesLogix