Event Management for SalesLogix

Keeping track of your Events and Seminars has never been more fun or easier!

As a Sage SalesLogix Certified Training company we know that Event Seminar Management is a daunting task without the proper tools. Many of our clients required an Event Management Solution whether it was for a nation-wide industrial training company or for a company that put on workcamps for various religious organizations or a national telecommunication education company or even our software manufacturing clients.

Add Enrollment Record Screen
Figure 1: The Add Enrollment Record Screen

Event Management SalesLogix
Figure 2. The Events Detail Screen

As a SalesLogix Business Partner and Customer Relationship Management Firm first and foremost we realized a solution was required for maintaining the mass amounts of data and logistics that are related to holding classes. We created Eventius to put the spin into Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and to be able to provide Event and Seminar Management within SalesLogix. By working with our clients and understanding their needs (and our own) we were able to create an Event Seminar Management application for SalesLogix that is not only easy to use but is very powerful at the same time. Give us a call to schedule a webinar to see if Eventius will meet your needs - we believe that it will.


SalesLogix 7.5 Event Seminar Management

Event Seminar Management Capabilities included in Eventius for SalesLogix

• Ability to create Templates for Events
• Ability to Enroll Attendees in Events / Classes
• Able to copy Events
• Able to handle discounts and default fees
• Able to track source information for enrollments
• Supports Paid and Non-Paid types of Enrollments
• Able to process credit card transactions over the phone
• Send out instant registration confirmation e-mails
• Supports Pre-Paid Training Expenses
• Able to Merge and Move Contacts from one Account to Another if needed
• Able to maintain data on who registered an Attendee
• Provides support for both Public or On-Site Training
• Able to run reports on an Event or all Events
• Ability to create a group of all Contacts attending a particular Event
• Enrollment and Registration information on all classes are rolled up to the Account level
• Is written entirely in SalesLogix for ease of Maintenance
• Is written by a Sage Certified SalesLogix Business Partner
• Is maintained by a channel of Certified SalesLogix Business Partners across the nation
• Able to maintain information on Max Number of Enrollees and limit registration
• Event Management Support for SalesLogix Remote Clients is available

We realized that there weren't many Event and Seminar Management packages available for SalesLogix and those that were available were written from a software perspective outside of the SalesLogix model.

If you're currently using SalesLogix or need a better Event Seminar Management solution than the one you are using contact us for a demo and for additional information at (303) 290-1793.