SalesLogix Easy Pay

What is the Easy Pay program?

Sage SalesLogix EasyPay is a flexible billing option for customers that prefer to spread their licenses and M&S fees over a period of 3 years.

How does Sage SalesLogix EasyPay work?
Sage SalesLogix EasyPay is available as a 3 year payment plan on new orders only,and has the following features

  • Easy to manage quarterly payment schedule.
  • Customer does not pay a finance charge, and there is no mark-up to MSRP.
  • First payment is equivalent to first and last month payment, and the remaining balance is spread evenly over the next 11 quarters.
  • Maintenance and Support is required for the length of the term.
  • The payment plan agreement is between Sage and the Customer.
  • Additional licenses or services, purchased after the start of the plan, may not be included with the plan.
  • No discounting is permitted on Sage SalesLogix EasyPay orders.

What kinds of fees can be included in the Sage SalesLogix EasyPay?

  • Sage SalesLogix User Licenses, Server Licenses, Maintenance Fees, and Support Fees may be included.

The following items are not eligible to be included in the Sage SalesLogix EasyPay:

  • PSG services
  • Sage Software Training fees
  • Partner service fees

Other Software Financing Options

SalesLogix Lease Programs

What is a Software Lease Program?

A separately arranged financing program arranged through a commercial lender contact your SalesLogix Business Partner Rocky Mountain CRM to get a list of lenders we have worked with with clients in the past. Leasing is a good way to go for companies who want to spread out the payment for their software and services over a period of years. How does leasing work? Financing terms will be arranged between you and the lending company, at the end of the lease term (usually between 3 and 5 years) you own the software.

What kinds of fees can be included in a leasing program?

The following fees are often included in a leasing program

  • Licenses, Maintenance and Support
  • Professional Services Fees
  • Training

Contact us to learn more about financing options for your CRM implementation.