Improving Effective Selling Time

Effective selling time is one of the greatest assets available to your company and often has the potential to improve your business more than any other asset. Rocky Mountain CRM will help you enhance your system to keep up with the ever changing needs of your business and to support Sales to ensure that hinderances to effective selling time is minimized.


Initial CRM training was completed at the time of your go-live with the CRM application, since that time some users most likely dived in deeper into the system and found additional benefits to improve their productivity while others may still be struggling. One of the top efficiency enhancements often mentioned by Sales teams is the desire to obtain more training on the CRM application. Rocky Mountain CRM can work with the Users to show them the WIFM’s (What’s in it for me) of the system to improve operational efficiency within each department.

Service Packs and Hot Fixes

Clients will be kept abreast with monthly updates about new releases and hot fixes released by Sage Software. Working with the company’s primary contact we will determine the schedule on when to apply these to protect the value of your system and keep your system up to date.

Monthly Integrity Checks

RMCRM’s Consultants will run over 118 monthly integrity tests on your database to ensure that potential issues which may affect production systems are minimized.

Expert CRM Management

  • Reduced consulting rates
  • Semi-Annual Management Consultant meetings to discuss operations, business and CRM matters
  • Annual onsite CRM Audits
  • Priority Technical Support for your company with extended support hours
  • System Customizations to support productivity enhancements
  • Crystal Report creation and modifications
  • Proactive monitoring of your SalesLogix database data integrity
  • Monitoring of Sync Activity
  • Create and Install Remote User Databases
  • Database Performance Tuning
  • Application of hot fixes and service packs
  • Speedsearch Tuning
  • Identification of additional needs for training and training classes